What is this Green Dot?

A large group of traders on our market is rewarded with a ‘Green Dot’ certificate.
If you buy goods from a trader with this certificate, you are assured of it’s identity and know this trader is a permanent seller on the market.

To receive a ‘Green Dot’ certificate, one must comply to the following:

  • The trader is known by name and address with the market management.
  • The trader is every year at least 48 times present on the market.
  • The trader provides warranty and service for products sold by the trader.

Traders with a certificate are allowed to advertise on our website. This way, you can stay informed on special discounts and promotions.

Buying products worth over €10,- from ‘Green Dot’ traders on Boxing Day and King’s Day rewards you a lot for the lottery.

Prices from the lottery contain vouchers worth €15,- to €50,- that may be redeemed at all ‘Green Dot’ trader’s booths.